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Monday, 20 February 2012

Difference between LEO, MEO and GEO

Satellite Height500-1500 km5000-12000 km35,800 km
Orbital Period10-40 minutes2-8 hours24 hours
Number of Satellites40-808-203
Satellite LifeShortLongLong
Number of HandoffsHighLowLeast(none)
Gateway CostVery ExpensiveExpensiveCheap
Propagation LossLeastHighHighest

Note -
  • HEO refers to highly elliptical orbits which have a visibility of about 12 hours.
  • ICO or intermediate circular orbit is an example of MEO.
  • GPS satellites are not in Geostationary orbits but instead, they orbit twice for every rotation of the earth at a height of 20, 000 km.
  • Handheld terminals have low sending power are hence use LEO for mobile communication. LEO are also closest to the earth, have better signal strength and less time delay


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