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Saturday, 17 September 2011

CURRENT AFFAIRS WEEK: 12 Sep 2011 To 18 Sep 2011

Supreme Court: Farmers should be Compensated for the Plantation on their Land
The Supreme Court of India ruled that farmers, whose land is being acquired by the government, should be compensated not only for their land but also for the plantation on it.A bench comprising Justices V Raveendran, H L Gokhale and Gyan Sudha Misra, set aside the order of the Bombay High Court which had held that once the compensation is awarded for the land, there cannot be additional or separate compensation for the trees.The Apex Court ruled, if the land value has been determined with reference to the sale statistics or compensation awarded for a nearby vacant land, then trees will have to be valued separately.

Union Government of India Unveiled the New Policy to Deal with Naxalism
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh unveiled the new policy which aims at dealing with Naxalism through a five year integrated plan while addressing the concluding session of the day long national workshop on development strategies in naxal affected districts in New Delhi on 13 September 2011.This programme is aimed at bridging the development deficit in the extremely backward areas that are affected left wing extremism. Lack of development often leads to alienation among the inhabitants of these areas. Establishing governance in the naxal-affected districts is the greatest challenge India faces. Left Wing Extremism poses a greater threat to the country than terrorism or insurgency. The Government is contemplating to bring 20 more naxal affected districts under the Integrated Action Plan. A specialised battalion is being raised to ensure security and development in these districts.

Supreme Court:Governments should Provide Ration and Voter Cards to Sex Workers
The Supreme Court on 15 September 2011 recommended to the Centre and state governments to provide ration and voter cards to sex workers by relaxing the verification procedure. The court also recommended that the profession of sex workers should not be mentioned in ration and voter cards.  Taking into consideration several recommendations of its expert panel headed by senior advocate Pradip Ghosh, a bench of Justices Markandey Katju opined that sex workers enjoy the fundamental rights guaranteed to other citizens.The bench also made suggestions to ensure admission of the children of sex workers in appropriate classes in government or municipal schools.

Amendments to National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro –Sciences, Bangalore Bill 2010
The Union Cabinet of India on 15 September 2011 approved Amendments to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore Bill, 2010. The Amendments are based on the recommendations of the Department --related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health arid Family Welfare.  The salient features of the proposed amendments are as follows:
(a) No change in Clause 4 (Incorporation of Institute) of the Bill is proposed in view of legal advice obtained from the Department of Legal Affairs.
(b) As regards Clause 5 (Composition of the Institute), it is proposed that:

(i) The President of the Institute shall be nominated by the Central Government from among the members other than the Director of the Institute.
(ii) The Institute shall consist of the Chief Secretary or his nominee, not below the rank of Secretary, to the Government of Karnataka, ex-officio.
(iii) The Institute shall consist of the following members namely:
(i) Seven persons of whom one shall be non-medical scientist representing the Indian Science Congress Association and one each from biological, behavioural and physical sciences of repute from any university to be nominated by the Central Government in such manner as may be prescribed;
(ii) Four representatives of medical faculty of Indian universities of whom one shall be from NIMHANS to be nominated by the Central Government in such manner as may be prescribed;
(c) Under sub-clause 7(1) (Powers and Functions of President), the following may be substituted:
There shall be a President of the Institute who shall be nominated by the Central Government from among the members other than the Director of the Institute.In October 2010 the Cabinet approved (i) declaring NIMHANS as an institution of national importance on the lines of AIIMS/ PGIMLR. and (ii) introduction of NIMHANS, Bangalore Bill, 2010 in Parliament with such modifications of drafting nature as may be considered necessary. In pursuance thereof, the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences. Bangalore Bill, 2010 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on 7 December, 2010 for declaring NIMHANS as an institution of national importance. The Chairman, Rajya Sabha referred the aforesaid Bill to the Department related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare for examination and report within three months. The fifty-third report on NIMHANS, Bangalore Bill. 2010 of the Committee was presented to the Rajya Sabha on 4 March, 2011 and a copy of the report was also laid on the Table of Lok Sabha on 4 March 2011

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