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Friday, 4 November 2011


S.No.The Deepest In WorldDescription
Deepest air vent in the world
Fresh air vent deepest in the world 890 meters deep 4.5 meters in width location co meath ireland
 2Deepest diving pool in the worldA recreational scuba diving center in Uccle, Belgium
 3The deepest shaftPermafrost, in Yakutsk , Siberia
World's Deepest Water-Filled Sinkhole
Cenote Zacaton, near the northeastern coast of Mexico
 5Deepest Subterranean Hotel in the WorldThe Sala Silvermine, Sweden
Deepest water-filled sinkhole in the world
The El Zacatón sinkhole is on El Rancho Azufrosa, near the town of Aldama in Tamaulipas in northeast Mexico
World’s Deepest Drill To Tickle Earth’s Mantle
The Chikyu research vessel (23,000 feet beneath the ocean floor)
 8Deepest River in the WorldCongo River
 9Deepest Cave ShaftThe Cave of Swallows, Located in a rain-forest in San Luis Potosi, Mexico
 10Deepest station in MoscowPark Pobedy,84 metres underground
 11Deepest known blue holeDean's Blue Hole, Bahams
 12Deepest lake in the Western HemisphereCrater Lake

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