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Friday, 4 November 2011


S.No.The Deepest in the worldDescription
 1Deepest lava tube in the worldKazumura Cave, Hawaii
 2Deepest underground lab facilitySNOLAB, Canada
 3Deepest submarine cable in the worldSAPEI, connects Sardinia with the Italian mainland. 
4Deepest copper/zinc mineKidd Mine, Ontario
5Deepest immersed tube railway tunnel
High-speed rail in Turkey
6Deepest point in the Arctic OceanLitke Deep, 5,450 feet deep
7Deepest known water-filled sinkhole in the worldZacation, Mexico
8Deepest hydraulic elevating operation in the worldBlue Lake (Otago)
9Deepest cave in the continental United StatesLechuguilla Cave
10Deepest glacier known in the worldTaku Glacier
11Deepest water-filled sinkholeDeep Phreatic Thermal Explorer (DEPTHX), Mexico
12Deepest Underwater Post BoxSusami, Wakayama, Japan
13Deepest shipwreckDavid Louis Mearns, US Born scientist
14Deepest fresh water diveAnatoly Sagalevich, at 1637 | m | ft | sp us in Lake Baikal
15Deepest slot canyon in the southwest United StatesBuckskin Gulch
16Deepest gold reservesWitwatersrand Basin
17Deepest and northernmost offshore wind installation in the worldWind Power in Scotland
18Deepest metal mine in EuropePyhäsalmi Mine , Europe

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